Hospital Energy and Water Survey

Hospital Energy and Water Survey

Every year since 1995, GBA has compiled data for its annual Hospital Energy and Water Benchmarking Survey. Hospitals are invited to participate in the survey by submitting responses to a short list of questions regarding their usage of electricity, natural gas, oil, purchased steam, purchased chilled water, and domestic water/sewer.

GBA provides this benchmarking service free of charge to help the healthcare market evaluate facility performance. GBA's survey complements ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager by providing a peer group comparison for:

  1. Energy Use AND Cost
  2. Water Use AND Cost
  3. Unit prices of fuel and water purchased by hospitals
  4. Facility equipment characteristics, such as chiller type or use of cogeneration
  5. Comparison of multiple-site healthcare groups across each cost and energy use graph

Hospitals participate by completing a form and returning it to GBA. We are currently analyzing 2019 data for our 2020 report, and are soliciting 2020 data for our 2021 report.




Since its inception, the survey has helped hundreds of hospitals benchmark their energy performance against others in an anonymous format. Participants are provided both graphical and numerical comparisons between all of the hospitals in the survey and their own facility's overall average usage and costs.

Please click here for the charts from the 2020 survey (2019 data). 

Charts depicting long-term trends are available here.

Download our Part 1 analysis of the 2020 survey, covering use and costs for electricity and fossil fuels (2019 data)

Download our Part 2 analysis of the 2020 survey, covering water/sewer, carbon footprint, costs per bed, and benchmarking resources (2019 data)