Our People

GBA understands that people are its most important asset. We strive to make working at GBA an exciting and meaningful part of life. Providing high-quality consulting services requires people who are well-trained and well-educated. GBA establishes annual training goals for all personnel, including formal out-of-office training sessions, recommended reading lists, and in-house training. Knowledge of state-of-the-art developments in the engineering and sustainable design industries is an important part of GBA culture. The firm actively supports participation in professional societies such as ASHRAE, ASPE, BCxA, IEEE, and USGBC. Several firm members have served in leadership positions and on technical committees at both local and higher levels in these organizations. GBA staff members are also involved in community organizations that promote conservation issues.

GBA's diverse staff is made up of parents, coaches, volunteers, athletes, musicians, beer brewers, fishermen, race-car drivers, photographers, gamers, writers, knitters, bakers, and much more. Our corporate community is family-oriented and strives to make the firm a positive extension of all of our families.

With more than 80 engineers and technical staff in the G/BA family, not everyone is featured simultaneously under the "Technical Staff - Partial Listing" link above. New technical staff bios are rotated frequently; check back often to meet the interesting people who contribute to the culture of innovation and excellence that is Grumman|Butkus Associates.