Verizon Wireless – Tempe, Switching Center

Tempe, AZ

Verizon Tempe exterior


Verizon’s 54,837-square-foot existing communications switching center in Tempe was expanded by 15,000 square feet, with engineering design services by GBA.

Engineering Design

GBA provided mechanical, electrical, and security design services for this addition to a mission critical facility. The work included mechanical, electrical, and security systems for a new switch room, an electrical room, UPS rooms, and support spaces:

  • Created a DOL for the remodeled areas associated with the new UPS plants.
  • Designed the installation of:
    • A new (second) AC electrical service to support the addition.
    • New transfer switches, transformers, and new AC switchgear for new main-tie-tie-main 480 volt power services for the new addition.
    • New N+N manufacturer-packaged enclosed diesel generators for the building renovation.
    • Portable generator tap boxes and associated automatic transfer switches.
    • New lighting throughout the remodeled areas and exterior lighting as required by the addition.
    • AC power distribution from the new RPPs to equipment cabinet locations in the new network equipment room.
    • New underfloor and OBM receptacles in the network space.
    • Eight 250kW capacity computer room air conditioners to serve the data center space
    • CRACs to serve the new UPS rooms.
    • New rooftop air-handling unit for remodeled ancillary space.
  • Designed the expansion of the existing security system for the addition, including a door access system and cameras, with the cooperation of the existing security firm.
  • Designed modifications of the existing lightning protection system to accommodate building modifications.
  • Performed a short circuit analysis, an arc flash study, and a coordination study for the building addition and new service.

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