NYU Langone Health, Brooklyn Infusion Oncology

Brooklyn, NY

NYU Langone Health, Brooklyn Infusion Oncology Center, exterior


GBA provided commissioning services for 9,300 square feet of renovated space on the 7th and 8th floors of an existing infusion oncology center in Brooklyn, NY.


NYU Langone Health renovated 9,300 square feet of an existing building for new exam rooms, offices, infusion bays, consultation rooms, waiting areas, public spaces, and a lab. The focus is clinical cancer care and other ambulatory specialties.

  • GBA commissioned the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, including air-handling units, variable air volume boxes, exhaust fans, boilers, hot water heaters, hot water pumps, automatic transfer switch, and the emergency power system.
  • GBA conducted design reviews of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems included in the project. Some of the findings from review included:
    • Air pressure in the buffer room shown to be negative. Buffer rooms are to be positive to the adjacent spaces.
    • Unit heater piping detail shows strainer on return piping. Recommend locating on supply piping to protect the coil and control valve.
    • Due to a pass-through system access to the pharmacy chemo room and buffer room, it is recommended that a fire alarm visual device be added to those rooms.
  • During construction, GBA performed several site inspections, noting and logging construction issues such as:
    • Electrical disconnect and variable frequency drives for the heating hot water pumps do not have the NEC-required 36 inches of front clearance.
    • Drip leg not installed for gas supply to heater as required by both design and manufacturer.
    • One emergency light fixture in the hallway adjacent to the reception/registration area 803 did not turn on when switched to emergency power. Emergency light fixture to be replaced.

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