Park + Garden

LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning

LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning - Hoboken, NJ


Park + Garden is a 12-story luxury residential building located at 1415 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ.
GBA provided commissioning services to satisfy the LEED Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems and the LEED Enhanced Commissioning credits.


Park + Garden, part of the Bijou Properties portfolio, is a two-tower, 12-story residential building erected in 2015. GBA staff provided commissioning services for the facility, which is pursuing LEED Gold certification.

Systems that were commissioned consist of MEP and controls, including boilers, pumps, cooling tower, heat exchangers, air-handling units, water source heat pumps, supply and exhaust fans, unit/cabinet heaters, and variable air volume boxes.GBA was responsible for inspecting equipment installation, witnessing equipment startup, and functionally testing the newly installed equipment

Our team performed several site inspections, noting construction issues such as:

  • Heat pump hoses were of an excessive length and were kinked, causing obstruction of flow.
  • Control valve not installed on condenser water return at heat pump.
  • Missing fire stopping on fire-rated shaft.

Upon completion, GBA was also involved in providing training for the owner and operators on the building systems installed.