PGA National Resort

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Entry to PGA National Resort, front entry, dusk.


The PGA National Resort encompasses five championship golf courses, a luxury hotel, and a resort and spa.

Prior to the resort’s major renovation, GBA provided an assessment of major mechanical systems, identifying opportunities and deficiencies in the areas of physical condition, energy management, code compliance, and indoor comfort. Over the next decade, GBA then implemented numerous projects based on the assessment.

Energy Conservation and Renovation Projects, Analysis and Design

GBA’s assessments identified more than 30 projects totaling nearly $11 million, including mechanical upgrades for the chilled water plant, air-handling systems, and plumbing systems. Energy conservation projects were identified to be incorporated in planned renovation projects, as well as stand-alone projects for variable kitchen exhaust flow and heat recovery.

Examples of engineering services and projects include:

  • Central plant replacement (2007-08). The plant design included two 500-ton-rated chillers plus a future 350-ton chiller and new chilled and condenser water pumps. An existing cooling tower was modified and the tower capacity expanded. Overall plant efficiency at full load is 0.758 kW/ton.
  • Guestroom make-up air system (2012). Design of a new primary make-up air system for the guest rooms, including reuse of one existing hallway unit, installation of two new hallway units, and provision of constant airflow regulators on the supply and exhaust air distribution to maintain a positive overall pressure for the guest areas.
  • Energy management system reviews and design (2010-16).
  • Laundry HVAC renovations (2016). Demolition of existing laundry AHU and associated ductwork; installation of new piping, make-up air fan, exhaust fan, and related equipment; integration of revised laundry HVAC with the building automation system.
  • Chiller plant upgrade (2016-17). Completion of plant improvements, identified in 2007-08, including new 350-ton chillers, a new condenser water pump, associated piping and insulation, a revised control sequence, and power connections.
  • Spa HVAC system renovations (2016). Advisory consulting to help the client prepare a design-build scope for HVAC upgrades.

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