Verizon Wireless - Rockford

Data Center Commissioning

Data Center Commissioning - Rockford, Illinois


GBA commissioned mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for this 20,000-square-foot telecommunications building addition. The construction cost was $9 million.


Commissioned systems included:

  • Fifteen computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units
  • Two make-up air units
  • Three rooftop units
  • Building smoke evacuation system control
  • Normal and emergency power systems
  • Smoke detection and fire suppression systems
  • Environmental alarm system
  • Domestic cold and hot water systems

GBA's scope of work included the development of a commissioning plan defining the process. The plan included documentation requirements, functional testing procedures for each commissioned system, commissioning process reports, and issues logs.

Work included managing the efforts of the project installation contractors during functional systems testing. Functional testing for HVAC equipment/systems included heating, cooling, and humidification verificiation; normal, backup, and failure mode verification; and smoke purge fan staging and smoke damper control logic verification. Functional testing for electrical equipment/systems included smoke detection system verification, fire-suppression system initiation verification, switchboard and panelboard installation and ground fault protection verification, portable generator connection procedures verification, and owner training.