Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, Chilled Water Plant Improvements

Barrington, IL

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, exterior


GBA provided engineering design services, construction oversight, and commissioning at this 527,330-square-foot, 176-bed hospital in Barrington, IL. The work represented further improvements to the chilled water plant, as identified in a 2013 study by GBA.

Engineering Design and Commissioning

Work to improve the hospital’s chilled water plant consisted of two phases of construction during two consecutive winters. The project addressed issues of “low Delta-T” that were preventing intended operation of the system, while improving redundancy, efficiency, and future capacity.

Phase 1 work included:

  • Refurbishing existing cooling towers to improve reliability, capacity, and energy efficiency, including replacements of inlet louvers, access panels, water-level control, plenum panels, interior liners, hot water distribution, nozzles, and fill.
  • Replacement of control valves, chilled water pump impellers, and condenser water pump impellers.
  • Chillers were improved with new electromagnetic flow meters and industrial-grade differential pressure transmitters.
  • Sequence of operation was converted from constant- to variable-flow pumping.
  • Original cooling coils and control valves were replaced in five air-handling units.
  • DDC programming, testing, balancing, and commissioning was included.

The following winter, Phase 2 was completed, including:

  • Replacement of the two existing main hospital pumps and addition of a third secondary pump for redundancy. Pumps were staged in sequence for maxiumum efficiency and system stability.
  • Replacement of cooling coils and control valves in four additional AHUs.
  • Addition of one new two-cell cooling tower to allow simultaneous operation of all three existing chillers.
  • Groundwork for future chiller capacity of 1,000 tons in preparation for a planned bed tower modernization project, including changes to supply and return piping and prep for future secondary pumps and another cooling tower.
  • Refining the DDC sequence of operations to optimize all new equipment, and programming, testing, balancing, and commissioning affected systems.

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