Advocate Health, Administrative Facility

Suburban Chicago

Open office space, Advocate administrative facility


Also known as the SRCO facility, this healthcare administration building is a single-story, 110,000-square-foot structure that started life as a warehouse and had previously been converted to office space. The boiler replacement and RTU project was a continuation of prior infrastructure improvements.

Infrastructure Improvements, Design

GBA has helped Advocate with multiple improvements and troubleshooting projects at this building, and assisted in infrastructure changes when the client repurposed the office facility in 2013. In 2018-19, the firm helped Advocate create a new heating hot water plant to replace an existing steam plant. An existing chiller room was repurposed to accommodate the new equipment. Replacement of four older rooftop air-handling units with new packaged RTUs was also part of the scope, which encompassed design-phase, bid-phase, and construction-phase services.

Hot water plant features included:

  • Prepurchase of three natural-gas-fired hot water condensing boilers (2,000 MBH each) and associated double-wall flue vents. One of the new boilers was temporarily installed in the existing boiler room as a backup to the steam boiler during construction. It was later relocated to the new plant area.
  • Three primary hot water pumps with VFDs.
  • Associated piping (hot water supply/return, natural gas) and temperature controls.
  • Hot water chemical treatment system.
  • Roof-mounted exhaust fan for summer ventilation of the new boiler plant, and a hot water unit heater to condition a storage room (created by repurposing the old steam plant area after the plant was removed) in winter.

Features of the RTU installation included:

  • Analysis of airflow, and removal of existing packaged VAV units and associated piping and ductwork. A rental AHU and temporary connections were provided to condition the building during construction.
  • Four replacement packaged VAV rooftop DX AHUs with a gas-fired furnace.
  • Supply and return ductwork.
  • Associated natural gas piping and drain lines.
  • Controls integration.

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