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CleanTech is a 50-hectare eco-business park in Singapore, projected to have 25 buildings when complete in 2030. The first facility, CleanTech One, opened in 2012. GBA developed a tenant design guide and checklist to ensure conformity with the park's sustainability goals when developing build-outs. The site is designed to serve the needs of R&D and environmental enterprises.

The project has achieved a Platinum-level Green Mark for Districts from Singapore's Building and Construction Authority, as well as a Platinum award for its green core. CleanTech One also received a Green Mark Platinum.


  • In developing the master plan, developer JTC adopted a principle of “Respect what is naturally existing," placing a strong emphasis on a sustainable balance between the development’s commercial needs and the site’s natural biodiversity.
  •  Elements considered in the development of the land include solar exposure, rainfall, directions of prevailing winds, topography and forest density.
  • The green landscape weaving throughout the park will remain home to the 164 wildlife species currently living there, while providing a conducive environment for continuing habitation.
  • The CleanTech One building provides a practical demonstration of sustainability applied to everyday life.
  •  CleanTech One is the first building in Singapore fully installed with energy efficient LED lighting, and includes occupancy and sensor-controlled dimming and switching.
  • The building includes a minimum east-west facing facade to gain optimum solar orientation and a naturally ventilated atrium to further reduce solar gain.
  • Solar panels are installed on the rooftops to maximize energy output and reduce reliance on fossil fuel.
  • "Sky Trellises" create green canopies between adjacent buildings, allowing natural daylight in while providing shade to reduce ambient heat on the building facades.