NorthShore Skokie Hospital Patient Tower Renovation Receives ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award.


NorthShore Skokie Illinois Hospital, Patient Tower Exterior

G/BA received an ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award for the patient tower renovation at NorthShore University Health System, Skokie Hospital.

The award was announced at the ASHRAE Illinois Chapter Awards luncheon held on December 12, 2013, at the Willis Tower. Representatives who attended the event included Ross Feldman, Aramark-Skokie Hospital Facility Director; Jeremy Hall with Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc.; Jean O’Brien Gibbons, G/BA’s principal-in-charge of the project; and Matthias Berck, G/BA mechanical engineer.

The project is a replacement of the HVAC system serving 4-floors and 95,200 sf of patient rooms. The high pressure induction unit system was replaced by 100% outside air AHUs located in a new penthouse which serve ceiling-mounted fan coil units (FCUs). Construction occurs in three phases over multiple years. Following are some of the design features that factored into the award:

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient features include ECM FCU motors, an AHU supply fan array that runs more efficiently than a single fan over all phases of construction, and heat pipe energy recovery from all exhaust air (toilet and filtered isolation room exhaust), annually saving 77,050 kWh, 15,600 therms, and $15,050 after Phase 1; 97,000 kWh, 31,200 therms, and $24,950 after Phase 2; and 129,150 kWh, 46,800 therms, and $35,960 after Phase 3.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Dedicated OA units provides a fixed amount of fully dehumidified air to zones, and filters on the fan coil units provide zone filtration.
  • Innovation: With new AHUs located in penthouse, the old AHU remains operational until all phases are complete. In addition, the HEPA filtering of isolation room exhaust for use in heat recovery system maximizes the heat recovery.
  • Operation & Maintenance: Location of fan coil units above patient room door entry area allows for maintenance outside of the patient bed area, and fan coil unit filters located at return grille provide easy inspection and maintenance
  • Cost Effectiveness:  The fan coil unit ECM motor upgrade has a 1.7 year payback, the staged fan array paid back immediately with no increase in first cost, and the heat recovery pays back before end of year 3.
  • Environmental Impact: Energy efficient systems reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 282 tons annually (after completion of all three Phases) or the equivalent of removing 59 passenger vehicles from the road.

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