GBA Receives Six Excellence in Engineering Awards From ASHRAE Illinois


G/BA’s work at two hotels and nine healthcare facilites has been honored with the 2014 Excellence in Engineering award by the Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE.

The winning projects all resulted in significant energy and cost savings while improving the sites’ environmental sustainability. They are:

Hyatt Regency Atlanta Boiler and Chiller Plant Renovation, design (Jon Gehrt, Eric Huber, Matt Butkus, and Al Butkus, with Craig Hawley, Paul Wozniakowski, Natalia Dankanich, Inna Gorelik, and Dennis LeBlanc). A multi-phase redesign greatly improved energy efficiency, consolidating two chiller plants into one and eliminating a high-pressure steam boiler plant. The work resulted in annual electrical savings of $103,900, plus gas savings of nearly $53,000 in the first 10 months of post-redesign operations alone.

Hyatt Regency Princeton (NJ) Central Plant Replacement, design (Eric Rosenberg, Jon Gehrt, Bob Cain, Matt Butkus, and Al Butkus, with Natalia Dankanich and Paul Wozniakowski). Upgrades to the chilled water plant, heating boiler plant, and domestic hot water plant resulted in annual cost savings of approximately $59,500 (electrical) plus $41,000 (natural gas).

Presence St. Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL, retro-commissioning (Tim Shinnick and Matt Butkus, with John Villani, Craig Hawley, Quintin McGreevey, and Alex Sir). Seven retro-commissioning measures were identified and presented to the client; the two highest value RCMs have been implemented thus far, saving more than $330,000 a year. Additional RCMs are expected to be implemented for further savings. ComEd’s Smart Ideas incentive program paid G/BA’s RCx fee, allowing the client to conserve resources for implementation.

Advocate Christ Medical Center Outpatient Pavilion, Oak Lawn, IL, design (Mike Jelaca, Matthias Berck, Jim Shults, Jeff Cochran, Inna Gorelik, Natalia Dankanich, Mike Weinstein, Amy Dumer, Paul Wozniakowski, Joe Ficek, and Stephanie Goldcamp, with Matt Butkus, Sergio Cano, Dave Eldridge, Joe Ficek, Chris Jones, and Jason McDonald). High-performance design for a 330,000-square-foot ambulatory care and surgery facility produced $235,000 a year in modeled savings compared with baseline calculations (using ASHRAE 90.1-2007), or more than $109,000 a year compared with baseline (using IECC 2012/ASHRAE 90.1-2010). LEED Gold certification is anticipated.

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, Chiller Plant Replacement, Downer’s Grove, IL, design (John Mason, Ann Seidl, Matt Butkus, Eric Peyer, and John Tsingas, with Jon Gehrt, Inna Gorelik, Dave Nelson, Habib Shams, Natalia Dankanich, and John Villani). Replacement of an older chiller plant with high-efficiency equipment resulted in annual projected energy savings of more than $197,000. ComEd provided an amount roughly equal to this in rebates for new chillers and VFDs.

Advocate Health Care Boiler Burner Replacements (six sites), design (Dennis LeBlanc, Dave Eldridge, and Dan Doyle, with Inna Gorelik, Fiona Martin, Dave Nelson, John Villani, and Bill Wylie). Ten steam boilers at six Advocate sites in Illinois were retrofitted with new, more efficient burners, pre-purchased by the client. Natural gas incentives paid for half the project cost. Operational costs have been reduced by more than $522,000 per year. More than $800,000 in incentives were provided by Nicor Gas, People’s Gas, North Shore Gas, and ComEd.

We look forward to celebrating the honor on Dec. 10 with our clients, ASHRAE, and our colleagues in the Illinois engineering community. Congratulations to all our team members!

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