Village of Glencoe, Village Hall

GBA helped this Chicago suburb improve functionality and save money by analyzing and upgrading its primary administrative facilities.

Village of Glencoe, IL, Village Hall, Exterior, autumn.

The Objective

The Village of Glencoe (population about 9,000) is located on Lake Michigan about 20 miles north of Chicago. The Village’s administrative offices, Council Chambers, Police Department, Fire Department, and some social service agencies are all housed in the 1960s-vintage Village Hall. The building was operating on its original mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems when the Village hired GBA to complete an assessment of these systems and to recommend energy efficient, code-compliant, and cost-effective replacement options. This preliminary study phase led directly into detailed design, bidding, and construction phases for $1.7 million in comprehensive system improvements.

The Response

 GBA developed an upgrade strategy including the following elements:

  • Two existing constant-volume multi-zone air-handling units were replaced with one new variable-air-volume AHU with fan-wall-type supply and return fans, expanded economizer operation, outside air intake monitoring, and a chilled water cooling coil.
  • Two water-cooled chillers that used potable city water for heat rejection were replaced with a new air-cooled chiller, with variable-speed compressors and chilled water pumps.
  • Two low-pressure steam boilers were replaced with high-efficiency condensing-type hot water boilers. All of the old steam and condensate piping within the building was replaced with new hot water piping.
  • The building’s existing pneumatic controls were replaced with direct digital controllers, linked on a communication network with a new server providing easy browser access to the maintenance and operations team, as well as reporting equipment status for validation and troubleshooting.
  • Outdated electrical service was replaced with a new electric service and main switchboard.
  • Additional replacements included toilet and locker exhaust fans, heating and ventilating equipment serving garages, replacement of the existing electric domestic hot water heater with a high-efficiency gas-fired heater, replacement of a make-up air unit serving a gun range, and replacement of heating elements and control valves in convectors throughout the building.

Assessment leading to design and construction-phase assistance

New, efficient air-handling systems, chillers, and boilers

Old steam and condensate piping replaced with new hot water piping

Pneumatic controls replaced with direct digital controllers

Outdated electrical service replaced with new service and main switchboard

Village of Glencoe, IL, Village Hall Exterior, autumn.