Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

GBA helped this hospitality firm take a close look at its North American properties, revealing high potential for energy savings.

Exterior of Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta, GA, dusk.

The Objective

To better understand energy consumption, GBA was hired to develop and implement an energy audit program for North American properties operated by Four Seasons Hotels Ltd. The firm performed a benchmarking survey for 33 hotels, including energy and water performance. Our engineers then conducted site visits to 19 hotels, produced an energy audit report for each property, and developed an online platform for measuring the results of the audit recommendations.

The Response

GBA’s benchmarking scope for 33 Four Seasons properties included:

  • Sending facility questionnaires and data requests to each hotel.
  • Collecting utility data into a benchmarking spreadsheet and uploading to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Results helped the client prioritize facility audits.
  • Providing energy and water performance benchmarking for all properties, allowing for comparison by location or other relevant parameters.
  • Setting up a custom on-line dashboard to house the energy audits and action plans. This site helps the client track follow-up and compliance with recommended energy conservation measures

GBA performed energy audits for 19 hotels, including:

  • Conducting site visits (meeting hotel staff, reviewing benchmarking results, surveying the facility, reviewing drawings and other documents, debriefing staff on preliminary findings).
  • Examining plans, specifications, utility usage data, temperature control diagrams, shop drawings, test and balance reports, and equipment lists.
  • Surveying occupied areas to identify major energy-consuming systems, and inspecting mechanical/electrical rooms to collect energy-use data.
  • Issuing written reports, including usage analysis (including energy use intensity); trends analysis of utility bills; utility cost index ($/square foot or $/room/month basis); comparison of performance to other similar Four Seasons hotels; and analysis of systems operations and design, including potential O&M improvements.

Energy conservation measures (ECMs) were provided for each audited facility:

  • Parameters identified for each recommended ECM included annual cost savings, potential utility incentives, simple payback, project cost, and other data to help the client prioritize
  • A sampling of high-return, short-payback recommendations for individual properties includes the measures below.

Benchmarking for 33 properties

Energy audits for 19 properties

Custom on-line dashboard for access to energy audits and action plans

Reports including usage analysis, utility bill analysis, and other tools

Prioritized energy conservation measures

The Results (Annual $ Savings for Sample Individual Properties)

Laundry Waste Water Recovery

Convert AHUs to Variable Volume

Low-Flow Shower Heads

Exterior Lighting LED Upgrades

Four Seasons, guestroom
Spa seating area, Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD.
Spa with water feature, Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, MD.
Sitting room in suite, Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco, CA.