Senior project Engineer (mechanical design)

Hoboken, NJ

Basic Functions and Minimum Responsibilities

The senior project engineer (mechanical design) is responsible for mechanical engineering design tasks in support of GBA’s New York regional clients. This mechanical engineer will:

  • Direct and coordinate the work of both mechanical and electrical engineers and designers.
  • Understand the scope of work for each project and ensure the project team is aware of that scope.
  • Efficiently prioritize and coordinate multiple competing tasks on multiple projects.
  • Coordinate their discipline with the other trades and ensure the engineering systems are coordinated with the architects, utilities, and regulatory authorities.
  • Develop entire mechanical design projects, incorporating planning, space allocation, and engineering based on the required design criteria (with conceptual directions from the project manager).
  • Perform field survey work and obtain duct dimensions/measurements, equipment nameplate data, IAQ parameters, control set points, and equipment operating points via VFD.
  • Understand controls and develop control diagrams/sequences of operation/point lists.
  • Participate in the preparation of complete mechanical engineering bidding documents, including drawings and technical sections of the specifications.
  • Review shop drawings and material samples submitted for general conformance with the bidding documents.
  • Prepare field observation reports and punch lists.
  • Evaluate design and documentation for compliance with the client’s requirements.
  • Participate in the development of GBA’s standard technical procedures, master documents, master specifications, details, and so on upon request.
  • Prepare accurate, well written technical correspondence, field observation reports, and punch lists.
  • Participate in QA/QC peer review of documents, providing high-quality comments.


Core Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Architectural Engineering (with an appropriate discipline focus) from an accredited university, or equivalent experience.
  • Mastery of engineer qualifications, plus a minimum of seven years of progressive responsibility in the field.
  • Basic knowledge of EJCDC and AIA specification front-end documents.
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook.

Professional Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Commit to a high level of product quality and customer service. Ensure quality of your work, and all engineering work you review, before submitting it. Consistently produce high quality work, on time and on budget with minimal problems or errors.
  • Recognize a potential issue before it occurs, consider the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions, and propose a solution to discuss with the project manager. Demonstrate flexibility to consider/implement a client’s or team member’s solution.
  • Use analytical skills to collect, organize, review, assimilate, and interpret information from the team and/or the client. Integrate information from a variety of sources to arrive at the optimal solution.
  • Understand the basics of project plans, keeping project managers informed of issues affecting the quality, schedule, and/or budget of the project.
  • Operate as a team player, developing positive work relationships and contributing to the group’s efforts to achieve goals. Mentor others in learning new knowledge and skills. Offer feedback and constructive criticism in a timely manner.
  • Use superior communication skills to express ideas in a clear, concise, and open manner while actively listening. Effectively present recommendations/proposed solutions to supervisors. Lead efficient client meetings, and offer constructive feedback effectively.
  • Perform effectively with minimal direction or support. Take initiative in developing and sharing knowledge with others. Generate new, innovative ideas and fresh approaches to develop new possibilities or solutions.
  • Present yourself, the firm, and project information professionally with clients, co-workers, and professional organizations.
  • Lead by example, demonstrate leadership, and maintain a professional manner.
  • Adapt well to new, different, or changing processes, methods, or priorities. Champion change, and deliver positive messages to clients and the team.
  • Deliver on commitments and uphold the highest level of quality to exceed client expectations. Accept responsibility for outcomes. Bring critical information to the attention of the project manager in a timely manner.

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