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The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign has honored G/BA’s work with client UHS.

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is a public-private partnership that encourages the use of a wide variety of commercially available EMIS (energy management and information systems) technologies and ongoing monitoring practices to uncover energy-savings opportunities and improve building performance. The group recently recognized G/BA’s large-scale monitoring-based commissioning project under way in numerous UHS hospitals nationwide. The UHS initiative was honored in the category of New Installation of a FDD (fault detection and diagnostics) System, Healthcare.

The UHS project incorporates information from analytics platforms by CopperTree Analytics and Lucid. G/BA manages the program and performs retro-commissioning activities at the sites, as well as project management for selected site changes recommended through the investigation and monitoring process. Initial sites in the UHS program include Palmdale Regional Medical Center, Palmdale, CA; Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, Spring Valley, NV; and Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV. Work is ongoing.

A free webinar spotlighted the winning projects on Nov. 20. A recorded version of the event is available. Fiona Martin McCarthy, G/BA Project Manager, presented information about G/BA’s collaboration with UHS.

Participating organizations in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign  include the Building Commissioning Association, ComEd, BOMA International, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings initiative, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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