GBA Staff Raises Awareness and Funds for Men’s Health

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Throughout November, Grumman/Butkus Associates is proudly participating in the Movember Foundation’s annual Movember campaign.

The annual campaign challenges men to grow a moustache, encourages men and women to get active and take the Move Challenge, and invites participants to host fundraising events. These activities are intended to spark conversations and raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health.

The nine participants of the GBA Mustache Co began the month clean-shaven (or with limited facial hair) and will continue to grow moustaches for the entire month to exhibit their commitment. The team encourages friends, family, and colleagues to donate to their efforts to improve men’s health. Pictured above (left to right) are team members Joe Ficek, Jordan Martin, Josh Remaley, Tim Shinnick, Willis Perley, Sam Schmidt, and George Ioannou (team captain). Matt Butkus, Kevin Vander Klay, and Will Niemira are also participating.

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health. Now in its 10th year of fundraising in the U.S., the foundation has raised more than $769 million and funded more than 1,200 projects in 21 countries, focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

“Movember is a good opportunity to bring up and talk about issues relating to men’s health,” say Ioannou. “People in our office work every day to help design healthcare facilities, and often, it’s easy to overlook our own healthcare needs. The Movember Foundation’s goal of raising awareness for men’s health issues resonates with the work we do professionally and serves as a reminder that we need to take some time to think of our personal health. I hope that the Movember drive motivates everyone to make proactive decisions about their health and encourages them to have conversations about men’s health with their loved ones.”

The G/BA team raised more than $1,200 in 2016 and hopes to exceed that amount during year’s event. Visit GBA Mustache Co to support this worthy cause!

UPDATE: As of November 30, the expanded GBA Mustache Co team raised over $1200, grew some great ‘staches and collected a few new participants (Ben Andes and Justin D’Arcy).

Pictured below: Ben Andes, Jordan Martin, Joe Ficek, George Ioannou (team captain), Willis Perley, Sam Schmidt, Tim Shinnick, and Will Niemira.

Matt Butkus, Kevin Vander Klay, Josh Remaley, and Justin D’Arcy also participated.

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