Verizon Wireless - Dallas

Switching Center Commissioning

Switching Center Commissioning - Dallas, TX


G/BA provided commissioning of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire detection and suppression systems, and building automation in this new $15 million, 31,000-square-foot telephone switching center.


G/BA developed a commissioning plan for the project. The scope of work included performing design review and the development of the commissioning specifications during the design phase. G/BA created construction checklists and functional test procedures for all equipment and systems to be installed and tested.

Commissioned systems included a 350-ton variable-primary chilled water system, eight modular air handling units, eight chilled water computer room air handling units, a building smoke evacuation system, and normal and emergency AC power systems (including two 1,250-kW standby generators, transfer switches, and portable generator connections). Fire detection, pre-action sprinkler and clean agent fire suppression systems, and security and building automation systems were also commissioned.

Functional testing for HVAC equipment/systems included heating, cooling and humidification; normal, backup, and failure mode verification; and fire/smoke damper control logic verification. Functional testing for the AC power systems included full-load tests of permanent standby generators and portable generator connections, using load banks to simulate a fully loaded electrical distribution system. Full-load testing of the HVAC systems was conducted using electrical load banks distributed throughout critical spaces to simulate increases in cooling requirements in steps to a full-load level, confirming the staging of chillers and AHUs.