Retro-Commissioning Services

Retro-Commissioning Services

Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a systematic process to improve an existing building’s performance. Using a whole-building systems approach, RCx seeks to identify operational improvements that will increase occupant comfort and save energy. Grumman|Butkus Associates (GBA) is a leader in the RCx industry and has been providing RCx services for nearly 20 years on a diverse array of projects.

Over a sample three-year period, GBA successfully completed 25 retro-commissioning projects, resulting in:

  • A total energy cost savings of $2.64 million
  • An annual electricity savings of 19 million kWh
  • An annual natural gas savings of 1 million therms

GBA is a qualified retro-commissioning service provider under the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program (now partnered with Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, and NICOR). G/BA has consistently received high marks among service providers in the ComEd RCx program.

Some clients opt to implement monitoring-based commissioning, or continuous commissioning, programs. These can be part of the commissioning process for a new or renovated facility, or can be implemented as an adjunct to a traditional retro-commissioning initiative. Monitoring-based commissioning uses automated data analytics tools to help clients achieve persistent, optimal energy efficiency.


Retro-commissioning process

The process involved in retro-commissioning (RCx) services is as follows:

  • Application
    • Prepare application for outside funding when available
  • Planning
    • Initial site assessment
    • Develop RCx plan
    • Identify potential operation improvement
    • Identify potential energy savings measures
    • Develop implementation costs and energy savings projections
  • Implementation
    • Work with team to implement recommendations
    • Finalize detailed site assessment
    • Develop targeted FPT procedures
    • Collect and analyze trend data
  • Verification
    • Verify installation and proper operation of retro-commissioning measures
    • Update energy savings based on measured data
    • Prepare final report