NorthShore Glenbrook Hospital

Medical Office Building, Commissioning Medical Office Building, Commissioning

Medical Office Building, Commissioning - Glenview, IL


GBA provided LEED fundamental commissioning of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for a newly constructed 187,000-square-foot medical office building. The project achieved LEED certification.


Commissioned systems include:

  • A high-efficiency hot water heating system with three gas-fired condensing boilers and a variable-primary pumping system.
  • Six custom-built air-handling units. The AHUs are robustly constructed with double-wall 30% and 65% pre- and secondary filters, preheat coils, short absorption panel-type humidifiers, cooling coils, dual-plenum supply fans, and 95% final filtration.
  • The building’s air distribution system includes variable air volume terminal boxes with reheat coils.
  • Perimeter zone heating with radiant heating panels in series with the terminal box reheat coil, controlled by a single control valve.
  • A new central chilled water system, consisting of one 750-ton electric centrifugal chiller with variable-primary pumping, two counter-flow-induced draft cooling towers, and condenser water pumps with variable frequency drives.
  • An innovative energy conservation measure using a plate-and-frame heat exchanger to preheat domestic hot water makeup, with heat being recovered from the condenser water being sent from the chillers to the cooling towers.
  • A dedicated process chilled water system consisting of a 24-ton-capacity air-cooled chiller with integrated free cooling. This chiller supplies cooling to the voice/data closets, allowing the building’s primary HVAC systems to turn off or go into nighttime setback mode.