Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

Energy and Water Conservation Program

Energy and Water Conservation Program - Denver, CO


This 1,100-room, 931,875-square-foot property was built in 2005-06. The client and GBA have been collaborating for the past nine years on energy and water studies and phased improvements. Since changes began to be implemented in 2007, the hotel’s electricity use is down 26%; gas use is down 13%; and water use is down 39%.


Source Award
ASHRAE Illinois Chapter 2015 Excellence in Engineering Award


  • Renovation/upgrades included conversion of five elevator machine rooms from year-round DX cooling to central plant cooling; replacement of the laundry steam boiler with a more efficient unit; laundry flash steam heat recovery; conversion of 150 fan-powered boxes to VAV boxes; variable kitchen hood exhaust and makeup air system installation; maximization of allowable return air for ballrooms; VSD installation for condenser water pumps; new chilled water AC unit for valet service (allowing the main laundry systems to be shut down as needed); addition of control valves to the plenum heating system; occupancy-based lighting controls; elimination of a hot water preheat coil in a makeup air unit; and large-scale lighting retrofits.
  • Controls improvements included addition of scores of pieces of equipment to the energy management system; new control strategies for the chiller and boiler plant; reprogramming to allow independent scheduling of terminal HVAC devices; modifications of air handler control sequences and heating valve controls; standardization of non-guest-room fan coil set points; domestic water booster pump pressure reset; adjustments of building pressurization to account for seasonal temperatures; and adjustments in strategy for supply fan static pressure, secondary/tertiary hydronic loop differential pressures, VSD minimum speeds, and VAV air handler control sequences. A  cooling tower deicing mode was added to improve winter efficiency.
  • Operations and maintenance strategy improvements included turning guest room thermostats off at checkout; adjustment of guest room shower flow rates; and daily reviews of mechanical equipment operating schedules.