Radio Flyer

Building Systems Renovations, Commissioning

Building Systems Renovations, Commissioning - Chicago, IL


Radio Flyer renovated 66,000 square feet of its 164,163-square-foot headquarters, applying an ambitious sustainabiltiy goal.  The project consisted of a new state-of-the-art research and development model shop, paint booth, future office space, locker rooms and showers. The electrical and mechanical systems were designed to accommodate future renovation of the remainder of the building.

This project has achieved LEED Platinum certification.


GBA provided full design-, construction-, and acceptance-phase commissioning from design review through functional performance testing, and prepared a systems manual tailored to users with minimal DDC controls experience. Commissioning design review conformed to LEED requirements. Design recommendations included optimization of the following:

  • Demand control ventilation sequence
  • Energy recovery units supply and exhaust fan control
  • Building space pressure control, including paint booth exhaust
  • Water-to-water domestic water heat pump control
  • Variable airflow locker room/shower exhaust sytem
  • Solar wall heat exchanger system

Commissioned HVAC systems consisted of a 210-ton geothermal system, distributed heat pumps, energy recovery ventilation system, toilet exhaust, and paint booth exhaust and makeup air system. Commissioned plumbing systems consisted of the domestic water heating system, with supplemental water-to-water heat pump and rain water harvesting system. Commissioned electrical systems included the normal distribution system, lighting controls, and daylight harvesting system.