Chicago Housing Authority

Pomeroy Apartments, LEED Consulting

Pomeroy Apartments, LEED Consulting - Chicago, IL


Built in 1921, the facility now known as the Ralph J. Pomeroy Apartments was vacant for several years before it was renovated through the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation. The project preserved vintage character while adding contemporary technologies and amenities, including a central landscaped courtyard, rooftop terrace, recreation center, and library. Residents have a high degree of control over their apartment temperatures, and ample windows provide daylight and views.

GBA provided LEED consulting services for the renovation of a vacant apartment building into a senior living facility with upgraded amenities, accessibility, and technology. Platinum certification was achieved.


Source Award
AIA Chicago 2015 Design Excellence Award


  • Potential energy savings were calculated with an energy model. The building will save an estimated 40% over the ASHRAE baseline building.
  • Sustainabile design strategies include a partial ground-source heat exchanger for the heat pump loop, energy recovery for units supplying makeup air, solar thermal water heating, and solar photovoltaic panels. New low-e coated krypton-gas-filled windows also improve the building’s energy profile.
  • The design includes water-efficient landscaping and low-flow fixtures.
  • Many credits were achieved in the Sustainable Sites category. Materials for the roof and hardscape surfaces were selected to mitigate the urban heat island effect. A vegetated roof also helpes reduce stormwater runoff.
  • The building’s exterior limestone and masonry walls and structure were retained, and new materials included recycled content and wood from sustainable sources. Low-emitting materials were specified for adhesives, paints, flooring, and composite wood. More than 90% of the construction waste was recycled.