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Ventilation Improvements

Ventilation Improvements - Naperville, IL


The project provided a ventilation upgrade, with conversion to variable air volume systems, for a 227,000-square-foot laboratory complex.


Source Award
1994 Excellence in Engineering Award, ASHRAE Illinois Chapter.


  • The lab VAV ventilation system includes venturi-type air valves. The diversity of the VAV system allows maximum airflow available for the fume hoods and labs to be increased and additional humidity control to be provided without increasing energy costs.
  • New ceiling-mounted non-aspirating radial diffusers replaced existing sidewall diffusers, improving air distribution and providing the high volumes of supply air required without producing excessive air turbulence.
  • Rather than replacing more than 200 fume hoods, hoods were improved with the addition of airfoil edges and fume hood monitors, and removal of auxiliary air connections.
  • Lab exhaust fans were replaced with new high-plume fans, with outside air intake dampers to maintain constant airflow at the fans as the exhaust system modulates.
  • The supply and makeup air handling uints were rebuilt, including new filters, coils, and fans. Reheat coils were added to the makeup air for humidity control. Variable frequency drives and new DDC controls were added.