The Verdesian


Retro-Commissioning - New York, NY


The Verdesian is a high-rise multifamily residential facility in the Battery Park City section of New York City. G/BA New York staff re-commissioned existing systems that were never commissioned, and later performed further analysis and retro-commissioning.


The Verdesian, part of the Albanese Organization portfolio, is a 26-story, 300,000-square-foot, “high-performance” multifamily residential facility completed in 2006. The building was the first residential high-rise to achieve a LEED-NC Platinum certification.

  • To continue being a “high-performance” facility, The Verdesian required recommissioning services (commissioning of existing systems not previously commissioned). This was performed after full occupancy.
  • The objective of the re-commissioning study was to evaluate the existing facilities and develop a plan to improve energy efficiency and overall building operations. The team found that differential pressure sensors did not correlate with building requirements; the operation schedule for fans did not match usage requirements; and CO2 sensors were not functioning properly for demand-control ventilation. 
  • The analysis resulted in an annual cost savings of $22,664, with an average simple payback of less than one year for all the proposed energy conservation measures.
  • Later work included energy auditing services to satisfy and exceed New York City Local Law 87 requirements, with development of further energy conservation measures.