Resurrection Medical Center

Patient Care Addition Patient Care Addition

Patient Care Addition - Chicago, IL


Design of HVAC, temperature controls, plumbing, fire protection, and medical gas systems for the new 120,000-square-foot, six-story patient care addition. The $80 million facility has 120 beds.


  • The new patient care addition has four patient floors with all private rooms, designed to provide state-of-the-art inpatient care in a family-friendly environment. Patient floors include a 30-bed Intensive Care Unit, two 30-bed Medical/Surgical Units, and 30 Comprehensive Rehabilitation beds. The first floor houses a state-of-the-art cardiodiagnostics center, including nuclear medicine.
  • Air-handling systems include four AHUs with associated return fans; two isolation room exhaust fans; toilet exhaust systems; miscellaneous ventilation and exhaust systems for mechanical, electrical, and generator equipment spaces; and building automation system temperature and pressurization controls.
  • Cooling systems include a new central chilled water plant with three electric centrifugal chillers, three induced draft cooling towers, associated chilled water and condenser water pumping systems and controls.
  • Heating systems include a new heating plant consisting of four new modular boilers, primary and secondary hot water pumping systems, backup steam to hot water heat exchanger system, and all associated controls.
  • Clean steam systems include two new clean steam generators and distribution systems to provide steam for humidification within the AHUs.
  • Plumbing systems include a domestic water tri-plex booster pump system, potable cold water system, non-potable water system, two new domestic hot water heaters, two hot water storage tanks, and a Liquitech hot water treatment system.
  • The mechanical design includes a new fuel oil system for a newly installed emergency generator. Special sound attenuation was required due to the generator's proximity to the hospital’s front door.