University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Multi-Building Chiller/Tower Replacement, Design

Multi-Building Chiller/Tower Replacement, Design - Oshkosh, Wisconsin


UW-Oshkosh is a 173.5-acre campus with 52 buildings. This $1.6 million project consolidated chiller and cooling tower replacements for six campus buildings with the central chiller plant.


G/BA's design included a new 1,200-ton, 4,160-volt chiller; new cooling towers; new primary, secondary, and condenser water pumps; site piping; and piping connections to chilled water systems within the campus buildings. The chiller plant was designed for an ultimate capacity of 4,200 tons. Initial installation included one 1,400-ton and one 450-ton centrifugal chiller, primary and secondary chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, and counter-flow cooling towers.

The final project added a single 1,400-ton centrifugal chiller, tower, and pumps to the central plant and eliminated building chillers, towers, and pumps in five campus facilities. An existing 700-ton cooling tower cell was also replaced as part of the project.

Electrical work included a 4,160-volt metal-enclosed switchgear section and feeder for the new chiller. To serve the new equipment, including the towers and pumps, 480-volt power was provided.