Verizon Wireless - San Antonio

Mobile Switching Center

Mobile Switching Center - San Antonio, Texas


G/BA provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and building automation systems design for the renovation of this 27,000-square-foot, existing wireless telecommunications switching center. The design included expansion of the center to 35,000 square feet with a project construction cost of $6.5 million.


An addition created a new AC electrical room to house an entirely new electrical system, replacing existing undersized system. A shipping/receiving room was reduced in size to create a new DC power room for a second DC power plant for the building. The building includes three switch rooms and two DC power plants.

A 300-ton chilled water plant supplies chilled water to multiple computer room air handling units (CRAHs) serving switch rooms and power rooms. A new air handling unit was designed to provide conditioned make-up air for smoke purge of zones protected by clean agent fire suppression systems. In addition, a new AHU was designed to provide conditioned make-up air for pressurization of critical equipment spaces.

The building's AC power system consisted of a 3,000-amp, 480-volt electrical service; two 1,25- kW standby generators, and two connection boxes for use with portable standby generators.