Verizon Wireless - New Berlin

Mobile Switching Center, Design

Mobile Switching Center, Design - New Berlin, WI


G/BA provided the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and building automation design for a $7.5 million renovation of this existing 25,500-square-foot wireless telecommunications switching center.


The entire duct distribution system was replaced for an active switch room without loss of cooling or any adverse effect on network equipment operation. A platform supported by scaffolding was erected above the live switching equipment to allow an existing dropped ceiling and ductwork to be removed and new supply air ductwork to be installed. Temporary supply air ductwork was used below the protective platform to provide cooling during demolition and construction.

New direct expansion computer room air conditioners were installed in a new mechanical room adjacent to the switch room. A new air handling unit was designed to provide conditioned make-up air for smoke purge of zones protected by clean agent fire suppression systems. In addition, a new AHU was designed to provide conditioned make-up air for pressurization of critical equipment spaces.

A new building automation system was installed to provide control, alarming, and monitoring. Space adjacent to the original mobile switching center, which was previously occupied by another tenant, was renovated for office space, allowing the data center power room to be expanded.