Loyola University Medical Center

Medium-Voltage Distribution Project, Design

Medium-Voltage Distribution Project, Design - Maywood, IL


Loyola University Medical Center is a 61-acre campus including 547 licensed beds, a Level 1 Trauma Center, nationally recognized Burn and Transplant Centers, and Stroke and Level III Perinatal Centers. GBA assisted the owner with analysis of medium-voltage electrical distribution, and designed needed improvements.


The Loyola University Medical Center campus electrical service consists of a medium-voltage distribution system served by multiple ComEd transformers. During an equipment upgrade by the utility, issues were discovered affecting the campus electrical protection and controls. G/BA performed the following project in response:

  • Coordinating protection and control requirements with ComEd during equipment replacement and testing, facilitating communication and information exchange among the utility, LUMC’s electrical contractor, and LUMC’s facilities department.
  • Selecting microprocessor-based relays and communication equipment to replace electromechanical and electronic relays in the customer-owned medium-voltage switchgear.
  • Providing schematic and wiring diagrams for retrofit of the new relays in the existing relay panels.
  • Developing protection settings for the new relays.
  • Conducting a coordination study using SKM Power*Tools software to ensure coordination with existing protection.
  • Updating the campus one-line electrical diagram (up to each building’s incoming service). (Existing files dated from 1987.)
  • Overseeing project implementation bidding by the client.