Webhosting Facility - Confidential Client

Mechanical and Electrical Systems Commissioning

Mechanical and Electrical Systems Commissioning - Midwest Region


G/BA was the commissioning agent for this 28,000-square-foot, mission-critical, state-of-the-art webhosting facility. The construction cost was $6 million.


G/BA coordinated all commissioning activities. Scope included preparing the commissioning plan, the commissioning specifications for inclusion in the construction documents, and the final commissioning report. The G/BA commissioning team witnessed the startup/checkout of mechanical/electrical and control/alarm systems and directed functional testing of those systems.

Commissioned equipment and systems included:

  • Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units
  • Power distribution units (PDUs)
  • High-sensitivity smoke detection (HSSD) systems
  • Double-interlock pre-action fire protection system
  • Humidification system
  • Rooftop packaged air conditioning systems
  • Underfloor leak detection system
  • Emergency power-off systems for HVAC and electrical
  • DDC control/alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Security systems

G/BA coordinated and approved water and air test and balance activities and reports. Work also included the coordination of owner operations personnel training, review of Operations and Maintenance manuals, and documentation of as-built conditions for completeness and accuracy.