BP Research Campus

Building 307, Life Safety Systems HVAC Modification Design

Building 307, Life Safety Systems HVAC Modification Design - Naperville, IL


GBA provided engineering design services to a 19,300-square-foot pilot plant located on a 180-acre industrial research campus in suburban Chicago.


Modifications to the building created partitioned fire zones. This project provided active zone pressure control of these fire zones, representing a critical upgrade to the life safety systems of the building.

  • Zone pressure control was achieved by adding zone pressure differential sensors between the separate fire zones, adding variable frequency drives to the exhaust fans, and upgrading the local building automation controllers.
  • The systems can now modulate variable frequency drives based on measured pressure differentials in the space.
  • Sheet metal modifications to improve system balancing were specified, including the addition of manual volume dampers to existing exhaust ducts.
  • Architectural improvements to the building exterior wall included sealing of holes in walls and specification of tighter exterior doors to reduce the infiltration and improve space temperatures.
  • In addition to the design, G/BA provided final system commissioning via functional performance testing.