Highland Park Hospital

New Central Plant - Chiller Plant, Design

New Central Plant - Chiller Plant, Design - Highland Park, IL


New central plant includes a chiller plant, boiler plant, and emergency generators. The plant building is a new stand-alone building separate from the existing hospital, which allowed the existing chillers, boilers, and emergency generators to remain operational until construction of the new plant and the piped utilities were complete.

G/BA performed extensive acoustic analysis, and significant sound treatment was incorporated in the design to comply with stringent local noise criteria. We also performed a computational fluid dynamics re-ingestion study to predict any potential adverse effects of effluent discharged from the plant in the existing hospital. This study determined the minimum height needed for the boiler stack.


Source Award
2006 Regional Technology Award, ASHRAE Region VI (first place)
2005 Excellence in Engineering Award, ASHRAE Illinois Chapter


  • Hybrid chiller plant consisting of three 800-ton centrifugal chillers with variable frequency drives and one 800-ton two-stage steam absorption chiller
  • Cooling towers with variable frequency drives and discharge sound attenuation
  • Primary/secondary chilled water distribution system with a variable-flow secondary system
  • Winter hydronic economizer, utilizing the cooling towers and a plate-and-frame heat exchanger
  • Four 350-hp high-pressure steam boilers utilizing natural gas with fuel oil backup
  • 20,000-gallon fuel oil storage tank
  • Boiler oxygen trim and boiler blow-down heat recovery
  • Reverse osmosis water system to provide boiler make-up water and minimize the use of boiler chemicals
  • Three 1,500-kW emergency generators