University of Chicago

Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting - Chicago, IL


G/BA has an ongoing relationship with the University of Chicago, including a series of consulting projects to conduct energy consumption benchmarking, energy audits, and retro-commissioning on the university campus.


  • G/BA has completed an energy benchmarking analysis of 66 campus buildings.
  • These buildings were compared to other UC campus buildings, to buildings on a similar college campus, and to benchmarking data from the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS).
  • The benchmarking identified the buildings that were the highest energy users and had the most potential for savings.
  • After the initial benchmarking, 34 ASHRAE Level 1 energy audits and 12 ASHRAE Level 2 audits covering 3.7 million square feet were completed.
  • Energy and physical data were gathered, the buildings surveyed, energy conservation measures with estimated energy savings and construction costs identified, and a final report prepared.
  • The final report included the measurement and verification process required to verify the savings achieved after any given energy conservation measure is implemented.
  • Over 15 million kWh, 1.7 million ton-hrs of chilled water, and 100,000 klbs of steam savings were identified.
  • The university is in the process of implementing many of the measures.
  • Retro-commissioning (through the ComEd Retro-commissioning program) on many University of Chicago buildings was completed or is in progress.