Four Seasons Hotel - DC

Energy Consulting Services

Energy Consulting Services - Washington, DC


G/BA performed a comprehensive eneregy study at this 230,000-square-foot, 222-room hotel to identify and evaluate possible energy conservation measures and make recommendations for implementation. We also evaluated historical energy consumption and energy costs to create an overview of usage patterns and provide context for potential savings.


  • G/BA identified 23 recommended energy conservation measures, totalling $445,000 in annual utility savings with a combined simple payback of three years. Projected achievable savings represented approximately a 21% reduction in utility costs.
  • A total capital expenditure of $1.32 million was identified as being required to address the client's energy conservation, cost management, and environmental stewardship goals.
  • Recommended projects included controls modifications; conversions from constant air volume to variable air volume; implementation of variable volume kitchen hood exhaust and makeup air; toilet exhaust recirculation and heat recovery; installation of a hydronic economizer; pumping modifications; heat recovery for laundry wastewater and kitchen refrigeration; and lighting modifications.