PGA National Resort & Spa

Energy Conservation and Renovation Projects

Energy Conservation and Renovation Projects - Palm Beach Gardens, FL


The PGA National Resort & Spa encompasses five championship golf courses, a luxury hotel, and a resort and spa.

Prior to the resort’s major renovation, Grumman/Butkus Associates provided a survey of major mechanical systems, identifying opportunities and deficiencies in the areas of physical condition, energy management, code, and indoor comfort. The report identified over 30 projects totaling nearly $11 million, including mechanical upgrades for the chilled water plant, air handling systems, and plumbing systems. The survey identified energy conservation projects to be incorporated in planned renovation projects, as well as stand-alone projects for variable kitchen exhaust flow and heat recovery.


Central Plant Replacement

The plant design consisted of a configuration of three chillers rated at 500/500/350 tons. One 500-ton chiller has a variable speed drive. An existing cooling tower on-site was modified and the tower capacity expanded. New chilled and condenser water pumps were provided. The cooling towers incorporate basin sweepers to maintain system cleanliness and efficiency. Overall plant efficiency at full load (80°F wet bulb) is 0.758 kW/ton.

The major equipment (chillers, tower, pumps) was prepurchased to meet schedules and to allow the owner to select the equipment based on life cycle cost.

The system was fully automated through the existing energy management system.

Guest Room Make-up Air System

The project included the installation of a new primary make-up air system for the guest rooms, the reuse of one existing hallway unit, the installation of two hallway units, and the provision of constant air flow regulators on the supply and exhaust air distribution to maintain a positive overall pressure for the guest areas. Reheat for humidity control is provided via heat recovery in the primary unit. The cooling energy source is the facility's central chilled water plant.  Controls incorporated humidity limits and a humidity control loop. Filtration was improved using MERV 11 filtration. Variable speed drives control the speed of each new supply fan to maintain constant air flow.