NREL / Advocate Condell Medical Center

End-Use Monitoring

End-Use Monitoring - Libertyville, IL


G/BA performed data analysis and reporting for this hospital end-use monitoring project through the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), with funding by the U.S. Department of Energy Building Technology Office. The facility encompasses 579,340 square feet.


  • NREL contracted with Schneider Electric, which teamed with subconsultants/subcontractors G/BA, Kroeschell Engineering, and the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council.
  • The project implemented a monitoring system to document energy use for a “typical” hospital in the Midwest Climate Zone 5. (Two other hospitals in different climate zones were also part of NREL’s data collection effort.)
  • G/BA and Schneider Electric developed the project scope.
  • G/BA initially prepared a metering plan aimed at monitoring energy usage in the hospital over short-duration time-steps in order to allocate energy usage to specific end-uses (reheat, air-handling unit fans, lighting, etc.)
  • Developing the plan required a survey of the hospital’s building automation system (BAS) and existing HVAC and lighting equipment to determine the number and type of monitoring points.
  • Based on G/BA’s plan, the contractors installed both permanent and temporary meters and set up trend data to be collected by the BAS. Schneider Electric is serving as the general and temperature controls contractor, with Kroeschell Engineering serving as the mechanical contractor.
  • G/BA is responsible for analysis of the resulting data and final reporting.
  • The data provided to NREL will serve as the basis to create a case study report for the “typical” hospital, for use in a future Advanced Energy Design Guide for existing healthcare facilities.