Ingalls Memorial Hospital

Cooling Plant Upgrades

Cooling Plant Upgrades - Harvey, Illinois


G/BA upgraded two cooling plants at this 839,000-square-foot hospital. In the East Pavilion, the cooling tower was replaced and the cooling plant was expanded. In the West Building, three old, independent cooling plants were replaced with one consolidated plant. The $5.9 million project increased capacity and redundancy while reducing energy use and operating costs.


Source Award
2008 Regional Technology Award, ASHRAE Region VI (first place)
2007 Excellence in Engineering Award, ASHRAE Illinois Chapter


The East Pavilion upgrade included two new 600-ton high-efficiency electric centrifugal chillers with variable frequency drives (VFDs). The existing single-stage absorption chillers were retained for backup and can be used for electric demand load shifting.

The West Building upgrade included three new high-efficiency rotary-screw electric chillers, which replaced one centrifugal and two absorption chillers. The existing electric centrifugal chiller was retained for backup capacity.

The project had the following features:

  • All new chillers were pre-purchased on the basis of lowest life cycle cost
  • New chilled and condenser water pumps have premium-efficiency motors and VFDs
  • New cooling towers have VFDs and premium-efficiency fan motors
  • The new chiller plant is fully automated and tied to the existing BMS
  • Existing three-way chilled water valves were replaced with two-way valves
  • The chilled water system distribution was converted to a variable-primary flow system

As a result of the project, the facility's total energy costs were reduced by $305,206 compared to the previous year.