University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Communications Art HVAC Upgrades

Communications Art HVAC Upgrades - Stevens Point, WI


G/BA designed a $2.2 million HVAC and lighting upgrade for a 49,535-square-foot academic building constructed in 1928. The building houses classrooms, offices, and campus TV and radio stations.


A new 46,000-cfm variable air volume custom air handler was installed in a new 1,400-square-foot rooftop penthouse. The air handler installation included a plenum supply fan, chilled water cooling coil, steam heating coil, filters, air blenders, plenum return fand and dampers. A new supply air distribution system was installed, including 58 variable air volume boxes with hot water reheat. The design also included a new ducted return system.

A steam heating system was upgraded to a hot water distribution system with heat exchanger and pumps to serve new reheat coils, perimeter radiation unit heaters, and cabinet unit heaters. The project also involved connecting chilled water for the air handler to the existing campus chilled water system. Existing pneumatic controls were replaced with an integrated direct digital control system.

A new 2x2-foot suspended ceiling and energy efficient lighting was installed in the corridors.