NYU Langone Health, Ambulatory Care Center


Commissioning - Long Island, NY


G/BA provided commissioning services at NYU Langone Health's recently renovated building that will house a new ambulatory care center. The existing building is located at 1999 Marcus Avenue in the New Hyde Park section of Long Island, NY.


NYU Langone Health renovated 12,000 square feet for new exam rooms, special procedure rooms, an x-ray facility, consultation rooms, waiting areas, and public/support spaces. The focus was clinical cancer care as well as other ambulatory specialties.

G/BA commissioned the mechanical systems, including existing rooftop units and newly installed variable air volume (VAV) and fan-powered VAV boxes. The scope also included commissioning a domestic hot water heater, fire sprinkler system, and lighting and daylighting controls, as well as the Building Automation System for the mechanical equipment.

G/BA conducted submittal reviews for the mechanical equipment included in the project. Some of the findings from our review:

  • VAV reheat control valves were shown to be three-way valves when two-way valves were specified.
  • Limited clearance shown on plans for VAV control boxes.

Due to reuse of existing equipment , the Testing and Balancing contractor obtained preliminary readings and provided them to the project team. Through in-depth review of the findings and the intended design, G/BA was able to determine that the existing mechanical system was operating below capacity. The issue was relayed to the project team. As a result, potential
problems were resolved before equipment was installed, preventing potential delays in construction.

G/BA was subsequently hired to commission the second-floor build-out.