Alexian Brothers Medical Center

Central Plant Expansion and Upgrade Central Plant Expansion and Upgrade

Central Plant Expansion and Upgrade - Elk Grove Village, IL


This $15.5 million project at a 334-bed, 545,600-square-foot hospital included construction of a new chiller plant, replacement of the hospital’s 43-year-old boiler plant, and installation of two new 2,000-kW emergency generators to provide additional capacity. The project was intended to accommodate a major facility expansion and to improve redundancy and system performance while reducing energy and operating costs. 


  • The central plant was expanded to accommodate the installation of three new centrifugal chillers (two with variable frequency drives), and relocation of one existing 1,000-ton centrifugal chiller. Total plant capacity was expanded from 2,330 tons to 4,250 tons. A separate structure was built for a new six-cell cooling tower.
  • The chillers were pre-purchased on basis of lowest life cycle cost.
  • New chilled condenser water pumps with premium-efficiency motors and VFDs were provided.
  • Existing three-way chilled water valves were replaced with new two-way valves.
  • The distribution system was converted from constant to variable primary flow to improve performance and reduce operating costs and energy usage.
  • The plant includes three new 700-bhp high pressure steam fire-tube boilers. Burners are dual-fuel, low turndown (10:1), Lo-NOx with oxygen trim control and VFDs on burners.
  • New water treatment systems include RO for make-up water treatment, automatic surface blowdown control (based on total dissolved solids), and blowdown heat recovery (to heat make-up water).
  • The plumbing design also includes a new deaerator, condensate receiver, and feed water and transfer pumps with premiu- efficiency motors.
  • The new plant is fully automated, tied to the campus environmental monitoring system.
  • New chilled/condenser water distribution: Mixture of direct burial and new tunnels.
  • Two new 2,000-kW emergency generators.