Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Center for Advanced Care, Pharmacy Cleanroom, Commissioning

Center for Advanced Care, Pharmacy Cleanroom, Commissioning - Chicago, IL


G/BA provided LEED Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning services for the building automation system, HVAC systems, life safety systems, plumbing systems, medical gas systems, fire alarm and protection systems, and information technology systems. An Integrated Project Delivery organization and procurement structure was used.


The Center for Advanced Care, a three-story addition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, added 155,000 square feet to the main campus. The Center supports a new ambulatory surgery center with six operating rooms, a digestive health program, and an expanded cancer center (including radiation oncology with two linear accelerators, an infusion suite, a CT simulator, and brachytherapy). Various patient exam rooms, support spaces, and offices were also provided.

A pharmacy cleanroom was an important aspect of the program. Commissioning of a USP 797-compliant pharmacy (IV prep room, chemotherapy compounding room, and anteroom), required to prepare infusion medications, was a key part of the project. Benefits and features of the pharmacy commissioning work included:

  • Design reviews to ensure pharmacy cleanroom compliance with USP 797 and the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements, including verifying USP 797 compliance of a chemotherapy biological safety cabinet and hood, and IV prep laminar flow workstations. G/BA shared lessons learned from prior commissioning and design experience with the project team.
  • Systems testing to ensure correct parameters for pharmacy cleanroom and anteroom pressurization, as well as temperature control for the comfort of gowned occupants.
  • Room construction reviews to check conformance of ceiling tiles, light fixtures, caulking, and other features.
  • Coordination with the department head, as well as the certification agency, to ensure that the pharmacy can be easily and efficiently certified on an annual basis.
  • Testing of exhaust fan failure to ensure that occupants receive proper notification if systems fail. Testing included verifying the HVAC response to maintain the room pressurization as safely as possible.