Ingalls Memorial Hospital

Boiler Plant Upgrade, Design

Boiler Plant Upgrade, Design - Harvey, Illinois


The existing boilers and associated equipment were old and in poor condition. This project replaced the old equipment, increased capacity and redundancy, and lowered energy and operating costs. The project has reduced natural gas costs by $400,000 per year and has significantly reduced water consumption.


Source Award
2007 Excellence in Engineering Award, ASHRAE Illinois Chapter


  • Three fire-tube boilers, sized at 700, 700 and 350 boiler horsepower
  • High efficiency, high turndown (10:1), low-NOx burners with oxygen trim control and variable speed burner fans
  • New automated controls, metering system, all tied to the campus environmental monitoring system
  • New reverse osmosis water system for boiler make-up water, which significantly lowered the amount of boiler chemicals used and reduced the amount of boiler blowdown and associated energy losses
  • New deaerator, feed water pumps, condensate receiver, and transfer pumps
  • New electrical service to the boiler plant
  • Automated surface blowdown control, based on total dissolved solids. Blowdown heat recovery system.
  • Steam traps were repaired or replaced over the entire campus. Leaking valves and pressure-reducing valves were also repaired or replaced to reduce steam system losses.
  • Some of the old condensate receivers/pumps were not functioning properly, and condensate was being sent to drain. This equipment was repaired or replaced, and condensate was returned to the plant.