Milwaukee Public Library

Air-Handling Unit Replacement

Air-Handling Unit Replacement - Milwaukee, WI


G/BA designed an HVAC system upgrade for this venerable public institution, which holds more than 2.9 million volumes. All components of an existing air-handling unit were replaced, and VAV boxes were added in supply air ductwork to allow for the new AHU to operate as a variable air volume system.


  • G/BA performed computer cooling and heating load calculations for areas served by AHU-5, factoring in any projected additions of computers, people, or other heat-producing equipment that would affect cooling requirements. We used the results of these calculations to determine sizing of the AHU and cooling and heating coil capacities.
  • The air-conditioning unit serving the third floor, AC-5, was also removed and replaced. Existing chilled water and steam and condensate service were extended to the new unit, and reheat steam and condensate piping were provided.
  • The project included new VAV boxes with associated steam reheat coils.