CSE Magazine releases “Giants of Commissioning” report

CSE Magazine releases “Giants of Commissioning” report

October 23

A new article in Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine discusses current trends in commissioning.

Written by Diana Bjørnskov of the Building Commissioning Association, the article provides a "state of the profession" snapshot of the emerging field of Cx. She identifies these drivers of the field: mandates, cost savings, facility marketability (for both sales and leases), sustainability, and resiliency. Existing Building Cx, Building Enclosure Cx, and Whole Building Cx (as opposed to traditional, systems-level Cx) are all discussed as methods beginning to gain traction. Typical projects reported by respondents to a survey prepped for the article entail Cx costs ranging from a bit less than $1/square foot to $1.25/square foot. (The image included above, depicting phases at which Cx dollars are spent, is drawn from the CSE article.)

Bjørnskov lists G/BA among 10 firms known for leadership in the field -- particularly in terms of advocacy, educational, and industry-support activities.

John Villani and Kevin Vander Klay of our Evanston office and Jeff Conner of our Wisconsin office are highly involved as BCxA board members, and all three of our regions (Chicago, Milwaukee/Madison, New York) participate with corporate memberships. We're pleased to be helping to elevate and refine the practice of Cx and Retro-Cx.